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What to expect

The thought of starting counselling can be daunting and scary, which is understandable due to having to talk to a stranger. Possibly the fear of the unknown may cause a block. I want to give you a brief outlook on what to expect with me. I feel it is important to tell people that there is no right or wrong thing to say or to bring up. We may set goals on what you would like to focus on, and you will always be at the centre of the session. There will be no judgment and I would like you to feel safe and be able to form a trusting relationship to begin with. The client is at the centre  of each session and has the autonomy and control of where the sessions lead. I will be there to guide you and teach new tools to help cope better moving forward. I do not provide a quick fix or hold the answers. This is your journey that I am on with you. 

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