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Maya Is a truly helpful and good Listener who helped me gain my confidence again. When I was at my lowest I found the tools I needed, to learn how to fulfil my own needs. Thank you! 

Maya Is a lovely Genuine Person who made me feel Comfortable from the very beginning.Maya also teaches mindfulness and offers this In sessions. 

I had counselling Sessions with Maya for over 2 years and gained so much awareness to who I was and what my triggers are, made me handle them healthier and cope much better. I learn that It Is okay to feel with no pressure or judgment . 

Maya was extremely helpful and was accommodating when I needed that extra support would highly recommend.

I have been having therapy sessions with Maya for one year now and she is helping me better deal with my depression, anxiety, and minor trauma.

Maya creates a comfortable environment, where you can discuss and work through the situation you are in and any issues you may be having.

Maya allows you space and time during the session to reflect on what you are saying, while gently guiding and suggesting methods to dig deeper and help unlock certain challenging subjects. Then she helps provide the tools you may require to work through those challenges.

The holistic therapy approach that is taken, working from many different therapeutic viewpoints, enables great flexibility to the sessions, so that they do not become stagnant or stalled.

Maya’s ability to listen is the key difference I have found between Maya and other counsellors and therapists I have worked with in the past. Maya listens without judgement and is completely engaged with what is being said. She is kind, supportive, empathetic and has excellent observational skills.

During my time with Maya, I have made vast (and hopefully lasting) improvements to my mental health in general and I attribute a huge amount of that to Maya. I would happily recommend Maya to anyone seeking any level of therapy.

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